Distance Healing

Distance healing sessions are equally powerful as one on one sessions. We are all energy and we’re interconnected through the big matrix.

Through my intention and the support of the Divine Energy I can connect with your energy field and work on all your energy layers in order to unblock and balance/heal your energy again.

Now that we need to keep social distancing, distance healing is a great opportunity to keep your energy, emotions and physical body in balance and flowing easily.


Our unique and highly intuitive approach speeds the healing process by allowing intuitive guidance to inform which practices are implemented during sessions. This means every visit may be completely different but the results will always deliver balanced chakra, released stress, restored internal healing energy and a deeper connection to inner wisdom.

Most clients are acutely aware of the problems they are struggling with and the results they are looking for, but they get confused when trying to select the service or treatment that will work best for them.

Thanks to Adriana’s experience and finely tuned intuition we are able to relieve this stress right away by allowing clients to simply book their time with us. Adriana will know the moment the client walks in the door which modality will serve them best. Of course if clients know which service they would like they can certainly select it when they book their session.

Discover how Ananda can help you achieve balance, restore energy and connect with your soul.


  • Reiki - Energy Healing

    Balance your Chakras and enhance your own natural ability to heal. More…

  • Coaching with the Angels (Angel Guidance)

    Channel your Angels and Light beings, to receive divine guidance in your life including work, relationships, health and more…

  • Aura Soma Consultation

    Open doors to consciousness and supports the development of the light-body that surrounds us. More…

  • Bach Flower Consultation

    Support tools to ease and balance to the emotional, spiritual and physical body. More…

  • Transpersonal Coaching

    Promote inner growth and activate the innate wisdom found within. More…

Session Booking Options

Your healing begins the moment you commit this time to yourself.

30 Minutes

$ 60*
*reg. $75 limited time offer
Schedule Session

60 Minutes

$ 110*
*reg. $130 limited time offer
Schedule Session

1st Session (90 Mins)

$ 140*
*reg. $160 limited time offer
Schedule Session


$ 170
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Gift Certificates

$ 10-100

15 Minute Chat

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Here at Ananda Soul we love to show our clients how much we care! That’s why we’re introducing a new loyalty program. Every time you complete five 1 hour long sessions you will receive a complimentary 1 hour treatment! Sessions are $110 per hour plus hst. Be sure to tell your friends about this amazing opportunity! Discover how Ananda can help you achieve balance, restore energy and connect with your soul.

*Five sessions must be completed within one calendar year.