Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance

We have Angels around us all the time and they are only waiting for our call to help us in whatever issue we have in our lives! The Angels are pure love.

Angel Light Readings are a positive way to connect with the Guidance of your Angels. Their mission is to help us on our path through life and to support us to be a better human being every day.

Receive guidance from your Angels in our Angels Light Readings. Through this type of session, Adriana Roa can channel your Angels and Light beings, to provide you with divine guidance in different aspects of your life including work, relationships, and health, just to mention a few.

Asking an Angel for help is one of our most powerful spiritual practices. Your Angels will be happy to communicate and provide any guidance on your life. They are more than happy to assist in any way they can.

Learn more about who the Archangels are and what they do in THIS BLOG post

Adriana offers the option of Angel Guidance via email, Zoom or Skype.

Angel Guidance

Connect with your angels and receive their divine wisdom. You can book a 30, 60 or 90 minute session and focus only on Angel Guidance or enjoy it in combination with other energy healing therapies. – Holistic pricing applies (prices based on length of session rather that type of service)

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Here at Ananda Soul we love to show our clients how much we care! That’s why we’re introducing a new loyalty program. Every time you complete five 1 hour long sessions you will receive a complimentary 1 hour treatment! Sessions are $110 per hour plus hst. Be sure to tell your friends about this amazing opportunity! Discover how Ananda can help you achieve balance, restore energy and connect with your soul.

*Five sessions must be completed within one calendar year.

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