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Aura Soma Session

What is Aura Soma? It is a path of self-understanding; a soul therapy. Aura Soma is a system that goes beyond being bottles of beautiful colours. It is a structure that helps open doors to consciousness, and supports the development of the light-body that surrounds us. Aura means light, and Soma signifies body. This colour system connects light to the body.

Aura Soma Session is a non-intrusive, self-selective soul system that respects and believes that the greater guide is within us. The client is the one who selects the four bottles that call to them the most. Therefore, they are selecting the ones that will help them the greatest along their journey.

Vicky Wall is the innovator and founder of Aura-Soma, started in 1983. Vicky passed away in 1991, after years of developing and training many people worldwide. Mike Booth, her colleague and assistant, carried on her vision with the responsibility of caring and continuing to develop Aura-Soma.

Each bottle contains two fractions of colours, and brings together the energies of the three kingdoms to restore balance and ease, namely, mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, and colour kingdom. It helps the user to connect to their soul, and understand it.

How do you use Aura-Soma? Apply the contents of each bottle to the body. The energy from each bottle will be introduced into the subtle field restoring, rebalancing and revitalizing a person at all levels.

My personal experience with Aura-Soma has been amazing. Each bottle I have used brings me another unique experience, a new consciousness as to who I am, and what my gifts and my strengths are. It also provides the support to heal scars.

Aura-Soma Consultation

60 minute consultation includes a bottle of aura-soma (valued at $50) to take home for additional support.

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Here at Ananda Soul we love to show our clients how much we care! That’s why we’re introducing a new loyalty program. Every time you complete five 1 hour long sessions you will receive a complimentary 1 hour treatment! Sessions are $110 per hour plus hst. Be sure to tell your friends about this amazing opportunity! Discover how Ananda can help you achieve balance, restore energy and connect with your soul.

*Five sessions must be completed within one calendar year.

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